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Academic Articles

History and Analysis

 Beautiful, Borrowed, and Bent: Boys’ Love as Girls’ Love in Shojo Manga

 The Desire and Disgust of Sweets: Consuming Femininities through Shojo Manga

 Down the Rabbit Hole: In Pursuit of Shojo Alices, from Lewis Carroll to Kanai Mieko

 Fashioning the Feminine: Images of the Modern Girl Student in Meiji Japan

 The Genealogy of Japanese "Shojo Manga" (Girls' Comics) Studies

 Japanese shojo: Emergence and developments of shojo in 1910s through 1930s Japan

 Layers of the Ethereal: A Cultural Investigation of Beauty, Girlhood, and Ballet in Japanese Shōjo Manga

 The missing link of shojo manga history: the changes in 60s shojo manga as seen through the magazine Shukan Margaret

 Seeking an Alternative: "Male" Shojo Fans since the 1970s

 Shojo Manga: Past, Present, and Future—An Introduction

 Shojo Manga Research: The Legacy of Women Critics and Their Gender-Based Approach

 Shojo Manga—Something for the Girls

 Transgendering shojo shosetsu: Girls' inter-text/sex-uality

 War on the Domestic Front: Changing Ideals of Girlhood in Girls' Magazines, 1937-45

Individual Artists and Works

 Envisioning the Shojo Aesthetic in Illustrations of Miyazawa Kenji’s Literature

 Everlasting Life, Everlasting Loneliness: The Genealogy of "The Poe Clan"

 Fight to Win: Female Bonding and War Propaganda in Yoshiya Nobuko's "The Woman's Classroom", 1939

 Matsumoto Katsuji: Modern Tomboys and Early Shojo Manga

 Revolutionary Romance: "The Rose of Versailles" and the Transformation of Shojo Manga

 Seeing Double: The Feminism of Ambiguity in the Art of Takabatake Kasho

 Takahashi Macoto: The Origin of Shojo Manga Style

 Writing Same-Sex Love: Sexology and Literary Representation in Yoshiya Nobuko's Early Fiction

 Yoshimoto Banana Writes Home: Shojo Culture and the Nostalgic Subject

 Yoshiya Nobuko's "Yaneura no nishojo": In Search of Literary Possibilities in "Shojo" Narratives

Related Topics

 Constructing and Gendering Women's Speech: Integrated Language Policy through School Textbooks in Meiji Japan

 Dream Dress for Girls: Milk, Fashion and Shojo Identity

 Female masculinity and fantasy spaces: Transcending genders in the Takarazuka Theatre and Japanese popular culture

 The Politics of Androgyny in Japan: Sexuality and Subversion in the Theater and Beyond

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